GO! Philly Mission 

​​Beginning Passion Sunday, April 9-16, 2017 Mission Youth will begin our annual Holy Week Mission in Philadelphia.

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To spread the fire of Christ's love throughout  Philadelphia communities serving  to their specific needs. As missionaries we, along with those we serve, are transformed and empowered by encountering God, others and the truth of ourselves.

Your Mission if you Accept...

The Lives We Impact

Our Mission

“I really feel like I am living my faith and doing what Jesus has asked me when I participate as a missionary during Holy Week!"



High School Youth Missionary

"My life was transformed when I made the choice to be part of the Missionary Leadership Team and watch our youth reach out to serve the needs of the poor during Holy Week Missions - There is no other place I rather be than walking with these joyful servants of the Lord"



Philadelphia Holy Week Coordinator

Imagine what would happen if each person shares the love of Christ with everyone they encounter? Go Philly Mission has weekly organized opportunities for you, your family, your school, your friends  to encounter Christ in the distressing voice of our Brothers and Sisters in need.

Holy Week 2017

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